Before mapping out the road, we will help you to explore the territory & research what your competitors are doing.. so you can do it better! An essential step before venturing into any Social Media activity.

How do we know we can give you the right recommendations and be 100% sure that your strategy is suited to deliver on your business objectives? One of the most important steps is to research your Social Media history, its presence, effectiveness and that of similar other direct and indirect competitors:


  • Social Media trends of your industry

  • Identifying where potential leads and end-users are located (online)

  • Identifying their needs, interests and what lights up their interest

  • Competitor performance and establish what makes a successful post

  • Exploring the role of your departments and how Social Media can help them

  • Identifying successful engagement techniques

  • Research optimum timings and schedules

  • Review your website, marketing and SEO and if they are in

  • Synergy with other departments and business objectives, and how Social Media can be integrated seamlessly

Let's maximise your digital potential. Let's look at your opportunities. Let's get people buying. 

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