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Wellness can be defined in many ways and approaches in the fields of health, fitness, nutrition and emotional wellbeing. Where do we begin? Where do we stand, and what defines a state of wellness?



At MAVERICKS, we take a holistic, individual and culture-conscious approach to helping you explore your journey to wellness. With our workshops and outdoor experiences, we explore how movement, habits, nutrition, your environment, and a conscious mind-body approach can improve your wellbeing by developing a positive mind & body relationship. A wellness lifestyle simply means getting to know yourself better, making choice and developing habits that are going to serve YOU well and without comparing yourself to others. 


Inspired by nature, respecting your lifestyle choices. 

NIWA Crans-Montana


"One day my therapist asked me why I would thank my stalker if I had him in front of me. At first I was puzzled, but then I answered that I would surely thank him for "forcing" me to change my professional orientation and to do what I had always wanted to do. And so here I am a few years later, after 10 years of marketing and resuming my studies, reflexologist, therapist and coach.


I opened my practice "NIWA Wellness" in Crans-Montana almost 3 years ago. I have regained my smile and my self-confidence which gives me the strength and energy to focus on the best way to help my patients find their inner keys and help themselves." 

Géraldine, founder of NIWA wellness - curates and leads our wellness activities at MAVERICKS Active Workspace with her expert team based in Crans-Montana, which include passionate professional working in the field of reflexology, reiki, nutrition, osteopathy, lymphatic massage and shiatsu.


Join Géraldine for Self-Reflexology workshops, cognitive awareness and habits, and to discover the multitude of approaches to mind/body wellness. 

Contact Géraldine to create your bespoke WELLNESS DAY experience for an ultimate group experience. 


Jessica is a creative visionary and education specialist in the field of holistic training for sports and fitness, with over 12 years in the industry working as a trainer, educator and consultant - having featured in the international press and TV shows such as Dr. Oz Show, Women's Fitness, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Grazia magazine among many others - for her fun and inclusive approach to fitness formats. 

MAVERICKS co-founder, author and founder of BBS Training Academy™, she is a NASM CPT with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is passionate about the functional anatomy, human evolution & physical wellness - having developed a comprehensive professional education in holistic wellness, anatomy, physiology and movement to refine a unique perspective on culture, environment, habits and their effects on our wellbeing.


Join Jessica for a unique, natural and inclusive approach to wellness: through indoor/outdoor barefoot experience, body awakening, fascia pilates, fascia flow yoga, pain management, body & skill development and movement workshops. 

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