MAVERICK /ˈmav(ə)rɪk/ 



After 12 years working in fitness and digital marketing consultancy, digital nomads and corporate consultants Jessica and Lars Christensen established MAVERICKS Active Workspace in Crans-Montana as a unique venue bringing together wellness and the workspace. 

Taking inspiration from our experiences in London, Austin (TX), California, Philippines, Costa Rica, South Africa, Norway and of course, Switzerland: "The MAVERICKS Way" is an alternative productivity and lifestyle approach that brings together our years of travel, experience as fitness and wellness eductors to maximise efficiency, collaboration and wellbeing.


MAVERICKS Active Workspace offers a unique concept of co-working and active lifestyle for the smart working era. In the stunning alpine location of Crans-Montana, MAVERICKS focuses on work/life balance, international community and sustainability.

MAVERICKS is unique place to feel inspired and connected: to yourself, to your own passions but also to others. Our multi-functional space is an ideal place for professionals staying in Crans-Montana, but also a place to host educational events, corporate training, fitness, sport and wellness workshops.

Based on the multiple experiences of its founders, as educators and corporate consultants, brought back from working in the United States, South Africa, Italy after years of working in the UK, the MAVERICKS team brings avant-garde training methods merging a holistic training to training and wellness lifestyle.

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